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“I think of Jim as an artist who has crafted a beautiful sculpture for my family to live in.  Every tiny detail amazes me.”
-Lee Unkrich, Director, Pixar Animation Studios
Hale Ho’omalu

"...Everyone marvels over how you nailed the design, including us.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts..."

-Harvey L. Cohen, Esq.

Cohen Residence

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"Having worked with many architects and designers over the decades, I can attest that Jim Antony is one of the very best at his art! His depth of construction knowledge, creativity, 3D spatial awareness, and an attention to thoughtful details all combine to deliver world-class and very functional projects.  Not to mention that he is a wonderfully positive and fun person to collaborate with! I would highly recommend Jimmy to anyone looking to design and build a truly custom and artful home for themselves."

-Ben Welborn, Realtor

The Cliff House

"Our experience with Jim @ Antony Homes was nothing short of brilliant. We went to our vacant land to discuss thoughts, visions and a budget my wife and I had for the house we wanted to raise our family in. The first day after Jim walked the property with us, he set up a viewing platform on what would become the proposed second-floor level.  We took in the amazing views from this important vantage point, with Jim discussing in further detail, all our possible options considering airflow, sun direction and overall design style. He explained how we could create a seamless connection with the indoor and outdoor spaces, including the swimming pool, jacuzzi, outdoor shower, etc. And how we could tie them all together in a logical, harmonious, and cohesive design. We later met at our local restaurant, and he began to sketch out our home, right there on paper! I was able to envision what our house could be for the first time. A collaboration of design and functionality transformed before us on paper. We absolutely loved his first sketches he created for us. He quickly created a “conceptual photorealistic 3D model” for us to visualize our new home in much greater detail, incorporating panoramic photos taken on our first visit to the property. It was perfect the first time. The Antony design team was able to expedite the plans through our design review committee and had a permit for construction within three months! We had a seamless and gratifying experience and are still amazed with every aspect of our home. It was surreal walking through the house when completed, as it was almost exactly like his 3D models.

-Jim Littlefield, Owner, Specialty Lumber Kaua'i

Bali Hai Residence

"With years of experience designing and building on Kaua'i, Jim knows how to deal with its harsh environment as well as take advantage of views and wind conditions.  As a builder, he knows how to design a house that is both attractive and built solidly at a reasonable cost. Jim made sure that our home was built to the highest standards."

-Mike Dunn, Engineer

Tropical Timber Frame

"Mr. Antony designed a two story addition to our small one bedroom home. He listened to our ideas regarding our needs, and desires that an addition would provide us. Taking into consideration our particulars of topography, prevailing wind direction, privacy, and budget, we were presented with many design options. Mr. Antony drafted a full set of blueprints, ordered all materials, and had a great team. The plans sailed through the Building Dept. The addition was completed within budget and in a timely manner. Mr. Antony has a lifetime of experience and a passion for architecture.

-Peter Williams, Chef

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