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Property Acquisition and Property Financing

This includes direct access to selected local real estate and property financing sources that we provide to our clients to assist them in the selection of an optimum property/site for their custom home, upon request.

Property Investigation and Home Design

We start by investigating City/County requirements, and CC&Rs as required, to determine for our clients what is possible. We then use these criteria, combined with our client's ideas, and our design capabilities and expertise, to develop a preliminary concept that will determine the size, shape, character and location of the new residence or a remodel/addition.

Construction Documents and Cost Projections

We work closely with our clients to produce the final documentation package. This will include design specifications, completed construction drawings, specification details and all supporting documents including, but not limited to documentation for Structural and Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering & Landscape Designers.
These documents are created in order to communicate effectively to the individual sub-contractors precisely what our clients want, while assuring compliance to the numerous land use, building and planning codes, and other applicable governing guidelines.
We also develop with our clients a specific list of amenities consistent with their preferences and budget requirements.

Obtain Permits and Construction Loan

We utilize our extensive experience with local and State agencies to persistently coordinate the permit process in order to achieve all the required approvals necessary as quickly as possible.
Using the completed documentation package, we are now able to provide our clients with an accurate building cost estimate and the necessary documentation required to expeditiously obtain all permits and a construction loan. Our complete and comprehensive documentation package and reputation for success enables our clients to select a preferred lender of their 

Control of Quality of Workmanship and Materials

A major factor in the continuing success of Antony Homes, is the uncompromising dedication to the Quality of Workmanship and the Quality of Materials. An integral part of maintaining this reputation is the knowledge and ability to select the right materials for the specific application, and control the quality level and the cost level of selected sub-contractors.

Project Management Control and Coordination

We provide control of costs, schedules and quality through daily routine on-site reviews and coordination with the selected sub-contractors. This is a dynamic stage in the construction process and our experienced team ensures that our clients have the necessary professional expertise available at all times to achieve the pre-determined cost, quality, schedule project objectives.

Move In / Sell Current Home

Included as an integral part of our process, we provide our clients with knowledgeable, experienced local Real Estate personnel to time the sale of your current home with the completion of your new Home, if that should be required.

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