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“Architecture has the capacity to elevate our daily lives. When we spend time in buildings that are well-suited to their site, their climate, and the activities within, our lives are less encumbered and we are able to enjoy the beauty around us.”
Born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, Jim Antony started remodeling his neighbor’s homes when he was 15 years old. After years of working in the industry, Jim discovered his spirit for and dedication to thoughtful design, structural integrity and timeless architecture, and thus, founded Antony Homes in 1989. Jim brings a world of experience and has a proven track record of successfully working with clients to create custom artful, tranquil and functional spaces for inspired living. He creates homes that express and complement who his clients are and how they live. Jim’s ability to bring his client’s visions to life dovetails with his unique capacity to understand the possibilities of the homesite. Under Jim's creative and administrative direction, every client can expect a seamless experience from the conceptual stage to the finishing touches of the home.

Jim’s interest in architecture that is well integrated into the landscape was greatly influenced during his time living in the Hawaiian Islands, where the extreme climate and environment have a great impact on design. Integral to Jim’s philosophy is beginning every project with an intimate understanding of the lot and surrounding topographical features. Each home is designed to take maximum advantage of the unique landscape it is on. By creating an exquisite harmony between interior and exterior spaces, each home becomes a place of refuge.

Having spent the last 30 years living between California and Hawai’i, Jim has developed a distinctive style that draws inspiration from the culturally rich history of Hawaiian architecture, including traditional Polynesian, Japanese, Thai and Balinese styles, along with the modern and contemporary styles of west coast architecture. Recognizing that Earth is at a critical juncture, Jim is dedicated to creating living spaces that are built with reverence for the environment and that support sustainable resources.

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